Alex Algard

Founder and CEO of Whitepages

Alex Algard is Founder and CEO of Whitepages, the leading source for personal and business contact information in North America with more than 600 million phone numbers in their database. Whitepages helps people to find, be found and connect with each other. Alex founded Whitepages in his Stanford dorm room in 1997; at present, the company has several product lines – (1) an identity directory at, (2) mobile products, including the widely popular Whitepages Caller ID app which protects against scam and spam calls, and (3) Whitepages Pro a B2B offering that helps businesses identify and verify with whom they are doing business.

On the show, Alex talked about how to keep Whitepages operating in the mindset of a startup after twenty years of operations. They continue to innovate and improve the delivery of the product to the customers, despite having a relatively mature product. Alex also discussed the decision to buy out their investors. Since the 2013 buyout, Whitepages has focused improving their products and services and building the company through innovation and within 18 months, Whitepages had doubled its profits.