Roel de Vries

Corporate VP, Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Nissan Motor Co.

As Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, and BrandStrategy, Roel is focused on further strengthening Nissan’s brands value. There are two key elements to this: firstly ensuring internally Nissan is doing everything needed to develop leading brands; and secondly making sure this is then communicated effectively and consistently in today’s increasingly complex world of marketing.

Career History

Born and growing up in the Netherlands, Roel always wanted to work in the automotive industry, inspired by a belief that purchasing a car is one of the most emotive investments a person will ever make in their lives.He first joined Nissan in 1994 at the European head-office in Amsterdam, having qualified with a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering from Hogeschool Eindhoven,anda Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Groningen. Then in 1998, Roel took a role based in South Africa responsible for marketing. During his time inSouth Africa Roel became Director of Marketing and Sales and experienced incredibly fascinating and challenging times when the country went through significant political and financial changes.

Following his time in South Africa, Roel worked in a number of global roles including General Manager Product Planning General Overseas Markets (2008 -2009), Program Director for Nissan’s all rear wheel drive vehicles (2009 –2010), before being appointed to his current role asCorporate Vice President, Global Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy in November 2010.

Achievements at Nissan

Roel has enjoyed many happy memories and achievements during his career at Nissan. ”I’m grateful of having had the opportunity to look at so many different aspects and geographies of the Nissan business during my time with the company”,he said. What makes Roel particularly proud in his current role is enjoying Nissan’s brand leadership grow, and seeing how brand and marketing management is playing an increasingly bigger and important role within the organization.

Why is Nissan Different

Roel enjoys working for an organization that is as diverse as Nissan. “The integration of cultures combined with the solid foundation of being a Japanese company is truly exciting and powerful”, he said. “At Nissan, if you are ambitious and you work hard you can really succeed and have the opportunity to work in a variety of roles and countries across the world.”

Future Predictions

Roel predicts Nissan will enjoy a strong growth path in all markets globally in the coming years. This is as a result of the solid foundations it has laid worldwide, and the brand image and leadership improving across the globe. Roel also predicts the automotive industry will remain resilient in the future –“a car will always be one of the most emotional purchases of your life.”

Education and Awards

Bachelor Industrial Engineering, Hogeschool Eindhoven, Netherlands

Master Business Administration, University of Groningen, Netherlands

In Role’s Personal Time

Roel likes to spend as much time as possible enjoying all aspects of life, from travel, to sports, to good food and wine -all enjoyed with family and friends. His favourite sports are field hockey, running, skiing and golf.

Roel’s Current Ride

In Japan Roel drives a Nissan Elgrand –MPV –to get around at the weekend and explore Japan.