Abhi Dhar

Abhi Dhar
Co-founder and CEO, Packyge, Inc
Abhi is co founder and CEO of a Naperville, IL based startup called Packyge. Packyge intends to be a culture rich, customer empathetic, diverse organization; that scales quickly to run the preeminent mobile centric local retail marketing platform and is currently in pre-launch, building the product and raising angel/seed funding.

Abhi has spent 20 years in various corporate environments in the USA and as an expatriate in the UK. He has been working in the digital space since 1998 and specifically in the mobile space since 2009.

For the last 8 years Abhi was at Walgreens (+Boots Alliance) and was most recently the CIO of Walgreens and at the same time the Chief Digital Officer of the group. Abhi’s responsibility spanned digital consumer experience, digital marketing, product management, innovation, developer evangelism and engineering. Simultaneously Abhi looked after the end to end technology/IT function for one of the largest chain store organizations in the world.

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