Sal Syed

CEO, Arccos Golf

The future of golf.

In this clip, Sal explains how his team’s smart golf club had to learn to adapt to their customers – not the other way around!

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A scratch golfer with a deep love and appreciation for the game of golf, Sal holds an MBA from Yale University, where he was a Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellow and a recipient of the Dean’s Entrepreneurship Award. He has a B.A in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ohio Wesleyan University where he was the captain of the men’s tennis and cricket teams.

Since Sal began using the Arccos system, he has reduced his handicap by seven strokes, recorded two holes-in-one and played more than 150 rounds while insisting every shot he takes is for “product testing” purposes.

Sal’s previous entrepreneurial experience includes more than 10 years at startups where he served as a software engineer, engineering manager, product manager and data architect. He was a senior engineering member at Landslide Technologies, which raised $22M in venture financing and was acquired by j2 Global in 2012.