Niven Narain

Co-Founder, President, & CEO of Berg

How a Boston pharma startup is re-imagining the scientific method to solve some of healthcare’s biggest questions.

Niven R. Narain is Co-Founder, President, & CEO of Berg. His driving passion is to improve healthcare systems and patient care through the fusion of AI and patient biology to develop the next generation of therapeutics. As CEO, Niven drives the vision of the translational engine from discovery to clinical development and ensures that Berg is collaborating with like-minded institutions to advance product development. He discovered Interrogative Biology®, Berg’s flagship platform that has created a robust pipeline of products in cancer, diabetes, and CNS diseases with BPM 31510 as the lead asset in solid tumors currently in Phase II trials. He is inventor on over 600 issued and pending patents over a diverse range of assets in drugs and diagnostics. Niven currently serves on the NASA Gene Lab Steering committee and oversees key DoD and academic relationships for Berg. He has spoken at major thought events at Aspen Ideas, Wired, Economist, and Bloomberg. He is former Director of Cutaneous Oncology at the Miller School of Medicine where he received graduate training in cancer biology and clinical dermatology research and is recipient of an NIH Award of Excellence. He was honored by the Boston Business Journal top leaders 40 under 40 (2014) He is a St. John’s University Boston Chapter alumni advisor and is an active member of the Trinity Church Boston.