Joel Breton

VP of Virtual Reality Content, HTC Vive

Gaming guru Joel Breton discusses the new HTC Vive and the future of virtual reality.

Joel is Vice President of Global VR Content for HTC Vive. He and his team are actively working with content creators around the world to develop a rich content portfolio across all categories of VR, including games, education, film, video, music, shopping, and entertainment. Joel has produced more than twenty platinum-selling videogames in his career. After beginning his career at Sega of America, his first role as a game producer was for GT interactive, where he produced Doom, Duke Nukem, Unreal, and the Unreal game engine version 1.0. He then moved to Bethesda Softworks, where he launched Sea Dogs, Burnout, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Joel then spent 4 years at MTV Networks, where he served as Director of Content and engaged with content developers to develop blockbuster online, mobile, and console games. Joel believes that people need to have ample fun in their lives, and he has focused his career on creating fun and entertainment for millions of people to enjoy.