Brad Barbera, NPDP

Executive Director, Google’s 30 Weeks

Why do innovators need to shoot puppies? Brad Barbera explains this metaphor from his book on keeping innovation simple.

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Brad Barbera is an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant in the field of innovation and product development. His book Keep Innovation Simple – Lead with Clarity and Focus in a World of Constant Change, brings thoroughly researched evidence-based principles to the field of innovation, while making the reading of a business book actually entertaining. With over twenty-five years of experience creating hundreds of new products and services, Brad has been bringing his experience and research to leaders of businesses and nonprofits as the Founder and Principal of Pi Innovation LLC since 2009. He is a certified New Product Development Professional (NPDP), has served as the Executive Director of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Visions magazine. He’s also a competitive stair climber and a moderately competent chess player.