Steve Oesterle and John Mason

Directors of BioWALL

How do you make the innovative science of a new microbiocide relevant to farmers? Sabre execs discuss their new venture, BioWALL:

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Mr. Oesterle is the Chief Executive Officer of BioWALL, LLC and has served as Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Sabre Companies since 2009. Prior to this role he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Giuliani Capital Advisors as well as a Partner and Managing Director at Giuliani Partners since 2003. Prior to that time, Mr. Oesterle was most recently Vice Chairman of Ernst & Young, where he had responsibility for the Corporate Finance practice, which included the Financial Strategy and Transaction Solutions businesses.

Mr. Oesterle has an extensive background in strategic consulting, financing placement, and mergers and acquisitions advisory work, including his role as Chairman of Ernst & Young’s investment banking broker/dealer, combined with responsibilities related to the redesign of the firm’s overall marketing and sales strategies. Mr. Oesterle has more than 25 years’ experience in strategic planning and transactions, and has been the advisor to numerous companies with acquisitions, divestitures, nancing strategies, and other deal structures.

Mr. Mason is the Chief Science Officer of the Sabre Companies and its affiliates. Mr. Mason founded the chlorine dioxide panel on the American Chemistry Council in 1988 to develop standards for the chlorine dioxide industry for disinfection of drinking water and food, and for industrial applications. This group developed the data required for chlorine dioxide use as a primary disinfectant for drinking water in the United States and continues to support EPA in the development of regulations and standards for municipal water and wastewater disinfection. He is regarded as a national leading expert in response solutions to complex emergencies related to environmental contamination and human health risk. Further, the EPA, U.S. congressional committees, Department of Homeland Security, and other major parties have recognized him as a leading authority on chlorine dioxide. Mr. Mason has been the lead technical advisor to governmental agencies and commercial businesses on numerous events, ranging from the U.S. Capitol anthrax attack, to large biopharmaceutical and agribusiness viral contaminations, to biosecurity protocols and on-site evaluation of former Soviet Union weapons facilities.

Mr. Mason also has extensive experience in the oil & gas industry, providing treatment services for almost twenty years. Mr. Mason’s experience in the chemical industry is extensive, with duties including design and operation of chemical manufacturing facilities, health and safety audits, chemical and industrial accident investigation, determination and remediation of gas, liquid, and solid chemical releases, and the development of analytical methods.