Sanjay Arora

Founder and CEO of Million Short

Sanjay Arora talks search engine innovation and his new venture, Million Short.

Sanjay Arora is the Founder and CEO of two Internet companies both with a focus on a field in which is he truly passionate about: Search Engines.

Sanjay founded his first search company Nextopia in 1999, which is dedicated to growing eCommerce businesses with advanced site search solutions. He has grown the company into a global leader in the industry.

Most recently, Sanjay founded Million Short – a revolutionary Internet search engine. Probing users with the question, “What haven’t you found?,” Million Short allows users to filter search results in ways previously unavailable, allowing them to remove up to the top million websites on the Internet from their search results and enabling them to find unique and relevant content. Million Short’s mission is to guide people on the road less traveled by providing alternate methods of organizing, accessing, and discovering the vast web of information that is the Internet. Million Short has been covered in publications such as Wired, Techcrunch and the New York Times.