Jay Walker

Executive Chairman and Lead Inventor, Patent Properties

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Jay Walker, one of America’s best-known business inventors and entrepreneurs, serves as Executive Chairman of Patent Properties. He has founded multiple successful startup companies that today serve more than tens of millions of customers in multiple industries. He is best known as the founder of Priceline.com, which brought a new level of value to the travel industry. Today, Priceline is a Fortune 500 company with millions of active customers and a market cap of $40B.

Jay has won numerous accolades for his leadership in business innovation. He has twice been named by the editors of TIME magazine as one of the “50 most influential business leaders in the digital age.” Businessweek selected him as one of its 25 Internet pioneers most responsible for “changing the competitive landscape of almost every industry in the world.” Newsweek cited him as one of three executives at the forefront of the Internet commerce revolution.

Jay is one of the world’s most prolific inventors, ranking 11th on the list of the world’s most patented living inventors. He is named on more than 700 issued and pending U.S. and international patents.

Jay is also Chairman of TEDMED, LLC and a partner in the company, which runs an annual innovation summit for healthcare. TEDMED brings together leading thinkers from the many fields of technology, medicine and business to exchange ideas and work on difficult medical problems. Concurrently, Jay is a member of several organizations that promote innovative solutions to global problems, including The President’s Circle of the National Academies (comprising the National Academy of Science; the National Academy of Engineering; the Institute of Medicine; and the National Research Council); and the Atlantic Council as a member of the Board of Directors.

Jay is also curator of a private library on the History of Human Imagination and is actively involved with Cornell University as the co-chairman of its Library Campaign. Jay received his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Relations, Cornell University, New York, in 1978 and an Honorary Doctor of Science, Cazenovia College, New York in 2011.