Feature of the Week June 7, 2017

This week, a book by Innovation Navigation host David Robertson was featured in The Guardian. The piece focuses on Lego’s reinvention.

Lego’s revival has been called the greatest turnaround in corporate history. A book devoted to the subject, David Robertson’s Brick by Brick: How Lego Rewrote the Rules of Innovation, has become a set business text. Sony, Adidas and Boeing are said to refer to it. Google now uses Lego bricks to help its employees innovate.”

Read more from The Guardian. 

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Feature of the Week May 24, 2017

Learn more about the production system at Desktop Metal, founded by recent guest Ric Fulop. 

Desktop Metal was started to address a problem—how to make metal 3D printing accessible for engineering teams. In 2013, CEO Ric Fulop began collaborating with world-leading experts in materials science, engineering, and 3D printing. Their work together over the course of two years drew multiple independent inventions together to form the basis for Desktop Metal’s technology.

Feature of the Week March 7, 2017

3D printing a house

Apis Cor company has successfully finished a residential house printing project. This video was mentioned on-air by recent guest Larry Haines, founder of Sunconomy.com and partner of Apis Cor.

Feature of the Week January 29, 2017

The Power of Little Ideas Trailer

by Innovation Navigation host David Robertson

Conventional wisdom today says that to survive, companies must move beyond incremental, sustaining innovation and invest in some form of radical innovation. “Disrupt yourself or be disrupted!” is the relentless message company leaders hear. The Power of Little Ideas argues there’s a “third way” that is neither sustaining nor disruptive. This low-risk, high-reward strategy is an approach to innovation that all company leaders should understand so that they recognize it when their competitors practice it, and apply it when it will give them a competitive advantage.

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Feature of the Week December 6, 2016

NY Times Magazine: Makeover Mania

Makeover Mania: Inside the 21st Century Craze for Redesigning Everything.

Check out this piece in The New York Times Magazine by recent guest Rob Walker.

Feature of the Week September 20, 2016

Zipline Drone Delivery

Learn about Zipline’s efforts in Rwanda using drones to deliver medical supplies. Zipline is a healthcare delivery system founded by recent guest Keller Rinaudo.

Feature of the Week September 6, 2016

Integrated Innovation Institute: MSA Safety Sponsor Project

Integrated Innovation Institute – Video discussing MSA: A Safety Company’s involvement with the Integrated Product Development capstone course. The Integrated Innovation Instituteis directed by recent guest Peter Boatwright

Feature of the Week April 5, 2016

How do the World’s Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution?

By Arnaud Bonzam and Serguei Netessine

Feburary 2016 report on the relationship between startups and established businesses.

Read the report here:

Feature of the Week September 15, 2015

Disrupt You! Companion Work Book

The Disrupt You Work Book is a 40 page companion to Jay Samit’s bestseller Disrupt You! Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation. The Work Book’s exercises help readers take concepts from the book and apply them to their own lives and ideas.

Feature of the Week February 14, 2015

Another great year for LEGO

2014 was another great year for LEGO. Here are some thoughts about the company’s success.