Dr. Matthew Silver

Founder and CEO of Cambrian Innovation

Dr. Silver is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cambrian Innovation Inc., a water and bio-energy technology provider headquartered in Boston, MA. Founded at MIT in 2006, Cambrian Innovation develops advanced environmental solutions for corporate, government, and agricultural clients. Cambrian has been supported by NASA, EPA, DOD, NSF, and USDA, won the Clean Tech Open in 2009, and was selected as a top 50 global emerging water company by the Artemis Project in 2012. Matt has published over 15 academic publications and in 2011 testified before the United States Senate on the government’s role in early stage innovation. Prior to founding Cambrian Innovation, he co-founded Intelligent Action Inc., an MIT spin-out using patented algorithms developed during his masters work. Matt worked previously in the aerospace sector with primary focus on technology strategy and systems architecture. He was a Research Scientist at the MIT Space Systems Lab and System Engineer at the Canadian Space Agency, during which he participated in two field expeditions to the High Canadian Arctic to operate and test exploration systems in extreme environments. He was a finalist candidate for the NASA Astronaut Corp (final 48 out of 6,300+ applicants). Matt received a Doctorate in Engineering Systems and two Master’s degrees in Astronautical Engineering and Technology and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has a Bachelors Degree, cum laude and with honors, from Williams College. Matt was previously a national ski patroller and also enjoys surfing, snowboarding, sailing, golf, and guitar.

On Innovation Navigation, Dr. Silver discussed revolutionising water treatment in the US. Cambrian Innovation offers the world’s first bio-electrically enhanced waste-water system. They primarily work in food and beverage , primarily doing biotech to eliminate the organics in waste-water, reducing water risk while also cutting operating costs.