Alan Boehme

Chief Enterprise Architect and Chief Technology Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

What can startups learn from Coke? Alan Boehme tells us about an exciting partnership.

In this clip Alan, whose job at Coca-Cola includes helping small startups learn from the experience of a larger company, explains one time a startup he was helping didn’t listen very well…

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Alan Boehme has over 25 years of international and domestic experience leveraging technology to enhance business capabilities as a CIO or in other executive IT and business leadership functions for companies such as General Electric, ING, DHL, Sage Software and Juniper Networks. In addition, he has been retained as a consultant to assist companies such as Bank of Montreal, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and The Hughes Aircraft Corporation to improve their internal business/technical capabilities, as well as providing guidance to a variety of technology based start-ups in the Silicon Valley. Mr. Boehme is a recognized authority and frequent speaker on the strategic application of Information technology to drive revenue growth, service quality, improve production, and cost controls at events both in the US and overseas. In addition, he is a founder and Member of the Board of Directors for the Cloud Security Alliance, (the largest non -profit organization focusing on setting standards for the safe and secure use of “Cloud Computing”) whose members include Google, Microsoft, IBM, E-bay, Bank of America among others, as well as participating on numerous Venture Capital advisory boards.

Mr. Boehme has a proven ability to envision and orchestrate innovative corporate projects requiring high–performance teams, complex business analysis, and timely results and has been recognized for his work by industry publications such as Computerworld, CIO and InfoWorld Magazines as well as main steam publications such as the WSJ, Sunday London Times and the FT. As an early pioneer and developer of yield management and frequent flyer systems for the airline industry, Mr. Boehme has successfully applied quantitative analysis and advanced data modeling techniques to drive customer loyalty, as well as real time revenue optimization opportunities. He is equally adept at approaching, integrating, and solving problems from a business or technology perspective having spent much of his early working life in a variety of marketing and planning functions, before settling on a career in IT.