Marcus Engman

Design Manager, IKEA

Marcus discusses some of the ideas developed at IKEA and what the future of a table might look like.

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Marcus Engman was raised in Älmhult and started during his high school studies to work extra at the IKEA store during weekends and summer breaks already in 1983. During the mid 80´s Marcus was a home furnishing apprentice to the IKEA designer Mary Ekmark and has since held positions within IKEA such as Communications & Interior design (ComIn) Manager in stores in Sweden. In total he had been with IKEA for 12 years, before founding his own retail agency. In January of this year, Marcus Engman returned to IKEA as Design Manager. He has a strong passion for democratic design and for home furnishing for the many people. Marcus is known for his creativity, his ambition to think differently and his ability to empower others to be bold and find new ways.