John Carter

CEO, Noah Basketball

John Carter explains the development of a basketball shooting aid that provides instant feedback to the shooter.

John recalls how the idea for Noah Basketball first got started:

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John Carter is the CEO of Noah Basketball, which is a leader in Basketball Shooting Technology and Shooting Research. John was instrumental in the development of the Noah Shooting Systems that are now being used by top High School, College, and NBA teams around the country. He has worked with thousands of players at all levels of the game and has become an authority on how to improve shooting percentages. He speaks at numerous coaching clinics each year sharing significant unknown facts about shooting. John is also a holder of several issued and pending patents regarding trajectory based sports and gaming. Prior to Noah Basketball, John spent eight years with Group Dekko where he started up 4 manufacturing plants in AL and TX and ran a corporate division that grew to $85 million in annual revenue. He was also a founder of Redklay Solutions, which was later merged with FullScope, Inc. where he served as Chairman of the Board until the company was acquired by publicly traded, Edgewater, Inc. John holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University. He has been married to his College sweetheart Lisa, for 25 years and has 2 sons, Jonathan and Michael.