On Air: July 18, 2017

Yves Karcher,

In this clip, Yves explains how deep research into the needs and problems of people giving presentations in front of an audience led to the development of a deceptively simple (and highly patentable) feature in the Logitech wireless presenter:

Yves Karcher

Founder, InnoExec
Yves Karcher is a former Engineering VP of Logitech. He has lead Logitech mice and Keyboard business which included retail, OEM, Gaming and tablet-related accessories as well as future categories. He has lead up to 400 engineers, managed innovation processes and labs in 6 different sites globally. He also setup the innovation center in Switzerland, within the EFPL campus.

He is now giving back his experience in innovation and execution to students and companies through his company InnoExec.

Yves can be contacted at

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On Air: July 18, 2017

Jack Ewing,

Jack Ewing
Author, Faster, Higher, Farther: The Volkswagen Scandal

Jack Ewing is European economics correspondent for The New York Times, based in Frankfurt, Germany. He has spent more than twenty years covering German business and economics, including a decade at BusinessWeek magazine. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College, and a master’s degree in history from Trinity College.

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On Air: July 11, 2017

Anupam Pathak,

Anupam Pathak
Founder and CEO, Liftware

Liftware’s selection of stabilizing and leveling handles and attachments are designed to help people with hand tremor or limited hand and arm mobility retain dignity, confidence, and independence.

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On Air: July 11, 2017

Rob Naylor,

In this clip, Rob tells how his team was able to rescue one almost-failure of an experimental beer flavor:


Rob Naylor
Brewmaster, Anheuser-Busch
Rob Naylor is a brewmaster at the research pilot brewery of beer giant Anheuser -Busch.

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On Air: June 27, 2017

Kevin Bazner,

Kevin Bazner
President & CEO, A&W Restaurants, Inc.
Kevin Bazner is a 40+year veteran of the restaurant industry and has been with A&W Restaurants, Inc. for a total of 25 years.  In 1988, Kevin took over the International Division of A&W, based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he and his family lived for seven years.  Kevin remained Managing Director of A&W International until 2000 when he was made President and COO.  He continued to serve in this position until Yum! Brands’ purchase of A&W in 2003. Following Yum! Brands’ acquisition, Kevin stayed active in the franchising industry as a consultant, investor and ultimately as President and COO of Smoothie King Corp. 

Kevin returned to A&W as President and CEO in October 2011, when a partnership of international and domestic A&W Franchise Partners purchased the concept from YUM! Brands.  Kevin is committed to the long-term development of the iconic 98-year-old chain and continues to head the day-to-day operations and development of A&W’s domestic and international markets. Under his leadership, A&W sales have dramatically turned around and are out-pacing the industry. After years of declining unit counts, the brand is again growing, with both existing and new franchisees opening restaurants. Today, A&W has nearly 1,000 units worldwide.

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On Air: June 27, 2017

Benjamin Waterhouse,

In this clip, Benjamin explains how the needs of 19th-century transcontinental train systems influenced the structures of modern American businesses:

Benjamin Waterhouse 

Author, The Land of Enterprise: A Business History of the United States
Benjamin Waterhouse is a historian of American politics, business, and capitalism. Waterhouse graduated from Princeton University and received his PhD in history from Harvard University. He is currently an associate professor and Grauer Scholar at the University of North Carolina. He lives in Chapel Hill with his wife and their two children. He is the author of Lobbying America: The Politics of Business from Nixon to NAFTA.

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On Air: June 20, 2017

Suhail Algosaibi,

Suhail Algosaibi
CEO, FALAK Consulting 

Suhail Ghazi Algosaibi is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, startup investor and mentor, author, marketer, consultant, TEDx speaker, and activist based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Suhail’s personal mission is to make Bahrain and the world a happier place by helping people unleash their potential.  He takes particular pleasure in empowering young adults through the magic of entrepreneurship.

He is the founder and CEO of FALAK Consulting,  a passionate and obsessive management consultancy consisting of innovators and problems solvers obsessed with finding a better way.  Falak’s purpose is to build stronger economies and happier societies by unlocking business and human potential. It is a business with a higher cause and reinvests some of the proceeds back into the community through the Learn and Grow initiative.  Suhail is also the founder of Ghazi Algosaibi Holdings, and it’s two divisions, Safeen Books and Safeen Properties.

Suhail is a dedicated student of reconciliation and peace-building and is passionate about promoting civil dialogue in Bahrain.  He is the Founder and Chairman of the Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue (BFD).  He is also a proud member of Entrepreneur Organisation (EO) and Young Arab Leaders (YAL).  Other memberships include the networking group Tumouh, and Oqal, the Saudi angel investing group.

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On Air: June 20, 2017

Greg Satell,

In this clip Greg tells how the story behind the innovation of penicillin requires so much more than the simplistic “action hero” story that is commonly told:

Greg Satell
Author, Mapping Innovation: A Playbook For Navigating A Disruptive Age

Greg Satell is a popular writer, speaker and innovation advisor, whose work has appeared in
Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc. and other A-list publications. Greg helps organizations grow by identifying the right strategies for the right problems and overcome disruptive threats to their business and their industry. He applies rigorous frameworks, identifies strategic resources and works with enterprises to build an innovation playbook to tackle the challenges of the future.

You can find Greg’s blog at and on Twitter @DigitalTonto. His first book, Mapping Innovation: A Playbook For Navigating A Disruptive Age will be published by McGraw-Hill in May, 2017.

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On Air: June 6, 2017

Todd Rovak,

In this clip, Todd talks about innovation “competitions,” and what they can learn from Lorne Michaels (creator of Saturday Night Live) on the necessity of constraints in creativity.

Todd Rovak
CEO, Fahrenheit 212 and Capgemini Consulting North America

Todd Rovak is CEO of Capgemini Consulting North America (CC NA). Todd has a deep track record in developing successful innovation strategies and pipelines across a broad range of industries, including financial services, technology, utilities, retail, consumer electronics and CPG.

In addition to his role leading CC NA, Todd serves as the CEO of Fahrenheit 212, an innovation strategy and design firm that joined Capgemini in Q1 2016. Todd is the architect behind the unique theory, capabilities and talent that has driven Fahrenheit 212’s innovation process and has overseen the organization’s ability to predictably unlock growth on behalf of both Fortune 500 companies and institutional investors. Todd also developed F212’s first teaching methodology that helped transform innovation from a random exercise into a predictable, scalable capability. He became the firm’s youngest partner in 2011, which was followed by his appointment as F212’s Managing Partner and CEO in 2013.

It was Fahrenheit 212’s differentiated approach to innovation and success in the marketplace that led Capgemini to acquire Fahrenheit 212. Through the joint entity of CC NA and Fahrenheit 212, he injects his unique blend ofexciting andorth America contagious energy to bring a clear message to the market about coupling innovation strategy and design with the transformative power of digital.

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On Air: May 23, 2017

Abhi Dhar,

Abhi Dhar
Co-founder and CEO, Packyge, Inc
Abhi is co founder and CEO of a Naperville, IL based startup called Packyge. Packyge intends to be a culture rich, customer empathetic, diverse organization; that scales quickly to run the preeminent mobile centric local retail marketing platform and is currently in pre-launch, building the product and raising angel/seed funding.

Abhi has spent 20 years in various corporate environments in the USA and as an expatriate in the UK. He has been working in the digital space since 1998 and specifically in the mobile space since 2009.

For the last 8 years Abhi was at Walgreens (+Boots Alliance) and was most recently the CIO of Walgreens and at the same time the Chief Digital Officer of the group. Abhi’s responsibility spanned digital consumer experience, digital marketing, product management, innovation, developer evangelism and engineering. Simultaneously Abhi looked after the end to end technology/IT function for one of the largest chain store organizations in the world.

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